Based in the scenic and historic island of Bahrain, Aqua Pro Aquarium is a luxury aquarium company focusing on built-to-order freshwater, reef and jellyfish aquariums. We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality of product and service, consulting with expert interior designers, architects and engineers throughout the various processes.

Our multinational team of specialists are experienced in the many aspects of aquarium projects, from design to installation and maintenance. Our experts are familiar with a range of aquarium models and their specific requirements, including large-scale public and commercial aquariums. Our commitment to excellence shows in each aspect of our clients' aquarium projects, from winning concepts to professional set-up and servicing.

Through our parent company, Aqua Group Limited, Aqua Pro Aquarium holds access and connection to international retail aquarium trade and supplies. This includes an aquaculture facility through which we supply quality jellyfish to public and retail home aquariums across the world.

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Our Team

Ali Yousif

Ali Yousif

Managing Director – Founder of Aqua Pro Aquarium

As a lifelong aquarium enthusiast, Ali is dedicated to perfecting the design of each aquarium, in line with clients' tastes and down to the last detail.

With his background in both Engineering and Business, Ali leads in the company's design and conceptualization processes. He oversees all projects, from elegant fish ponds to large-scale commercial and public aquariums.

Nooh Yousif

Nooh Yousif

Business Development

With degrees in International Business from the former AMA International University of Bahrain, and in Mechanical Engineering from Bahrain Training Institute (BTI), Nooh manages a range of issues, from contracts to logistics and taxation.

He also leads in the international aspects of Aqua Pro's operations, with his extensive prior work experience in cross-border trade between Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Hiran Chandima

Hiran Chandima

Senior Aquarium Specialist

Driven by his passion for fishes and aquariums, Hiran is an expert aquarist with experience maintaining upscale aquariums in Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the KSA.

As Aqua Pro Aquarium’s Senior Aquarium Specialist, Hiran leads the company's quality aquarium and fish care services for marine life, including maritime and freshwater fish.

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Why Choose Aqua Pro ?

Our People - Qualified, Reliable Experts and Professionals
The Aqua Pro Aquarium team recruits internationally experienced aquarium designers and installers for careful and practiced handling of your luxury aquarium project and all its needs.

This includes a dedicated design team proficient in the use of cutting-edge design software for engineering and architectural illustrations that fit your drawings and concept. We also provide 3D renders and computer stress analysis for final designs, to ensure your project is exactly as you envisioned it.

Additionally, Aqua Pro Aquarium employs a fully trained maintenance and installation team with a wide range of relevant backgrounds and skills in public aquariums, aquaculture and more.

Our Resources - Top-Shelf Material and Facilities
Aqua Pro Aquarium grants you access to industry-leading resources for any and all needs your aquarium project may have. Our supply of sustainable, healthy and disease-free aquarium livestock comes through our partner international livestock supplier, who also work with some of the world’s largest public aquariums.

We also run an in-house water quality testing lab operated by fully qualified staff including a PhD chemist, where we regularly test and adjust water for clients' aquariums. Entrusting your aquarium projects to Aqua Pro ensures that you receive detailed professional care for a healthy and vibrant aquarium.

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