Design & Consultation

With the many advancements in aquaculture, materials and engineering, the possibilities for your dream aquarium are endless. And whether you're in the market for a private pond, personal home feature or large-scale commercial aquarium, you need customized concepts, precise planning and careful construction to ensure a perfect fit to your vision.

Aqua Pro Aquarium is an exclusive aquarium company specializing in luxury, built-to-order services for a variety of aquariums and related needs, backed by the expertise of our team of internationally experienced professionals. We work with clients on all aspects of their aquarium aspirations. beginning with the initial designing and concepts for your project to guarantee overall quality and thus client satisfaction with our work.

Under the direction of senior staff, Aqua Pro Aquarium's in-house designers guide you through the process of refining your envisioned aquarium project and settling on a finalized design that best enhances its overall aesthetics. Our tailored, personalized approach means that our design experts consider concepts and ideals within the context of your specific requests and the requirements of the installation site, which varies greatly from home showpieces to public aquariums. Furthermore, professional opinion is crucial as our team's expertise ensures you get recommendations informed by in-depth knowledge of all relevant considerations, such as water type, numerous species of aquarium life and accessories' material composition. For designs that balance between aesthetic themes and practical function, look no further!

Particular design considerations and options include:

Aquarium Setting - Tanks and Sand

As the base for the entire aquarium feature, the storage tank and sandbed establish the first aspects of your project's overall style and must be coordinated with the external environment.

With tanks, there are currently several variations in shape and size which means that there is a particular form of aquarium that is perfectly suited to your project, but the sheer number of choices and combinations makes choice confusing and difficult. Aqua Pro Aquarium offers you and your projects the experienced know-how of our professionals to decide if your tank should be quadrilateral or polygonal, and the ideal size for the type and number of fish and other aquarium life you have in mind. Our experts also advise on the differences between gravel and sand; which is better suited to your project's needs and which of the many colourways is the best match to the overall theme.

Aquarium Accessories - Natural and Artificial

The design of your project is only complete with the selection of the perfect accessories, whether natural, artificial or both. We help you navigate between a variety of high quality options to create the ideal aesthetic and a thriving miniature ecosystem for your aquarium life.

Common natural accessories are rock and coral, which are on-theme for specific aquarium types and necessary for creating a healthy habitat for certain species. Rocks in particular can be used to create caves while driftwood, mangroves and coral are a part of certain fish and marine life's natural habitat and thus important for proper upkeep and aesthetics.

We also work with aquatic plants, which are common in the natural habitats of many fishes and other aquatic life. These are practically useful in oxygenating aquarium water, removing organic waste and potentially harmful compounds and also keeping pulse on water quality.

Artificial aquarium accessories suit projects with a modern look, and those used by Aqua Pro include top quality glass marbles, ceramics and plastic, which can add vibrant and eye-catching colors to your aquarium without risking contamination from subpar materials.

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To make the magic happen, Aqua Pro Aquarium follows up on our design and consultation services with our many installation options, ranging from scale model construction to project budget planning and contractor integration.

Architectural Services

Building on established and finalized project concepts, our team provides the first step into materializing your vision with architectural design and planning, such as isometric drawings, photorealistic renderings, models and more. These ensure that the aquarium you have in mind is fully communicated to all, and thus effectively constructed and installed.

Technical Engineering and Services

With the importance of sound engineering in water-based features, especially large-scale aquariums, only the work of experienced professionals and specialists will do. Aqua Pro Aquarium's team is fully equipped to provide professional structural, mechanical and acoustic engineering services, as well as fortified reinforced plastic (FRP) construction, acrylic and glass fabrication, among others.

Biological, Chemical and Zoological Services

In working with living animal and plant organisms, proper care and upkeep must be provided through careful installation of crucial features. This includes water quality checks through independent water analysis by Aqua Pro's in-house laboratory, as well as professional set-up of necessary life support and filtration systems.

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To keep your aquariums as beautiful and lively as when they were first built, Aqua Pro Aquarium's Maintenance and Care Division offers a variety of services, such as general and specialty care, structural changes, surface cleaning, dry goods supply, water and livestock upkeep.

General and Specialty Care

Our Maintenance and Care Division currently maintains private and commercial aquariums throughout the Northeast region, with round-the-clock general managed care services. For the specific needs of aquariums with living reefs and planted freshwater aquaria, we also provide specialty maintenance and service, while our options for on- and off-site computer monitoring services provide more remote care, where requested.

Structural Changes

We provide service support for clients looking to make structural changes to their aquariums, including renovation, redesign, removal and relocation.

Surface Cleaning

Our professionals in the division provide thorough cleaning and related services including water feature maintenance, acrylic and glass cleaning, care and refinishing, and more.

Water and Livestock Maintenance

We offer several water maintenance services such as various water-testing options and pharmaceutical grade saltwater and freshwater replacement.

Our expert aquarists provide choice livestock acquisitions for new additions to your aquariums, and several medical treatments for current aquarium life, including quarantine and hospital services.

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